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Why rowing?


Traditional rowing is a fantastic, accessible way to experience the river for both novices and experts.

The stable nature of the skerry boat will calm any newcomers nerves and help develop confidence, physical coordination, and teamwork skills within a group.


You don't need to be tall or particularly strong or athletic - anyone can have a go at traditional rowing. All you need is a willingness to have a go!


The Skerry

A skerry is a modern design of boat, perfect for introducing new rowers to the river.

The boat is designed to...

  • allow up to 8 persons to row together with a cox and passenger

  • have sufficient additional space for up to 3 passengers (including a coach)

  • be a safe boat for as wide a range of conditions as anyone would want to go rowing in

  • be as fast and responsive as possible, accepting the need to be safe

  • be easy to row and steer

  • be robust and easy to maintain

  • help continue the ancient tradition of wooden clinker boat construction

Unlike "fine boat rowing" (that you might see in the Olympics) the skerry enables social interaction between coaches and rowers and between rowers and enables a coach to move between rowers to assist in times of difficulty or when needing to demonstrate techniques.

There is little doubt that there are few better boats to introduce new rowers to any water environment.

The Team

The Support Team and Coaches are made up from a number of experienced river users.
All coaches are advanced DBS checked and and trained to provide structured support to new rowers learning to enjoy both the activity, and the environment.


A SEN teacher says


"Our link with S4S has given our students, all of whom have SEND, the opportunity to get on the water and try something new and exciting. It introduces a range of unique challenges, nurtures teamwork and leadership skills in a way no other activity can. Cannot wait to get back on the water!"

A SEN pupil says


"When you row, it is fun doing something with your friends, you get to see Kingston in a different way. It's a great work out!"

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