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IMPORTANT: Your booking will be provisional. When you book your skerry online we will check to see if a coach is available for your chosen date and time and we will confirm your booking within 24 hours by email.

Tips for enjoying the river and making the most of your session.

  1. Rowing a skerry is obviously an outdoor sport, therefore students and staff should wear suitable sports clothing that is both comfortable and is ideally made of synthetic material, so it will dry quickly.

  2. If it is hot or the sun is hot the students should consider bringing water, a sun hat, sun cream (subject to your schools policy). Be aware that on the river the UV light reflects back from the water so there is an increased chance of sunburn.

  3. If it is wet, or cold, students should bring a fleece and a waterproof outer layer to put on. When the student is coxing, after having been rowing, they can become very cold and these layers are important.

  4. The member of staff from your school should brief the students about the standards of behaviour expected from them during the session.

  5. Unfortunately, there are no changing facilities by the river, and students should change before leaving school. Toilets are not available on most of our sites, although there are some close by.

Please note that at present, as we return to normality from Covid 19, there are some limitations and policies in place that we will look to reduce as the government allows. These will be detailed in your correspondence for your booking.
In addition, when making a booking, all permissions for children's participation, are held with the school or booking organisation.
To book please email...
In you email, please let us know
  • Your school or organisation
  • A telephone number
  • Approximate dates you are hoping to row
  • Which location is best for you (Richmond or Kingston)
  • Number of young people and approximate ages
  • Number of adults 
  • Any special needs in the group

Once you have submitted your booking, we will check suitability of tides and availability of instructors before we get in touch to confirm it.

Your booking is not confirmed until we have been in contact.

Whilst we will always check tides, we cannot control all aspects of flow in the river as heavy rain a long distance upstream can affect flows downstream, even days later.. Safety is paramount and on occasion we may have to cancel upon a visual inspection of the river upon arrival.

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